3d Traceroute Free

3d Traceroute

Replace all your ugly ping plotters and traceroute programs with a full blown three dimensional traceroute program.


  • 3d traceroute display, multiple graphics modification options
  • statistic-window with min, max, average, standard deviation
  • Whois query to everything with one click
  • history-window with destination ping time
  • record and playback: record any trace and playback step by step and the browser is already built in.
  • Day and Night trace: Admins beloved toy
  • Command-line execution mode. Full replacement for good old buddy tracert.
  • passive OS fingerprinting
  • Port scanner (knows 3,612 well known ports)
  • IP-Range-Scanner (scan from Start-IP to End-IP)
  • analyze eMail headers against RBLs
  • Connection viewer / TCP, IP, UDP etc. statistics
  • HTTP Server Spy
  • Atomic Clock Sync
  • nslookup (upd and tcp: zone transfer capability)
  • ASN inspector
  • built in TELNET client
  • long period Ping and HTTP monitor
  • Low CPU-Usage

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