A Squared Free

A Squared

Is a free spyware removal and anti malware software available from EMSI. Have these modules :
1.security status
security status show the data of the last malware scan and the number of total objects founded .Also,you can see on security status last update,version installed ,malware signatures (total number) and license.
2.scan PC
Have quick scan,smart scan,deep scan and custom scan.
Here are the folders or files with spyware or malware problems,ordered by source, infection type ,risk level and date .You can delete,add or submit a file .
4.A-Squared configuration contains general configurations (activate explorer integration) and update settings(installation issues and malware definitions problems). In configuration you have permission for start scan,change language and delete founded objects from the quarantine. Scan is more simple than Norton antivirus , for example and need small pc resources .It is showing you the files scanned ,the currently file scanned,cookies and traces scanned and number of precess detected .

After spyware removal scan ,you can save a report with all the problems founded .Trojans are the viruses who take complete control of your computer (by a person from another location).Is good for finding trojans and backdoors.Rootkits and backdoors are hidden on your pc and take control step by step and you even do not know that. It is detecting worms,dialers and adware.A special scan function is to find programs who are calling to expensive phone numbers (named dialers viruses). and finally 5.Help section (If you have questions , producer will respond to your problems).

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