A4 DVD Shrinker Free

A4 DVD Shrinker

A4 DVD Shrinker is a high quality and extremely fast DVD backup and shrink tool. It shrinks all DVDs and to your hard disk or burns them to DVDR disc without any quality or feature lost. It is based on the extremely fast DVD Engine and will handle all DVD contents like Menus, Movie, Audio, Subtitles and Languages.
– High quality, high speed DVD Engine
– Shrink any DVD to any size, such as DVD9(8.5GB) to DVD5(4.7GB), DVD10(9.5GB) to DVD5(4.7GB).
– Shrink any DVD (NTSC and PAL) from the DVD drive to your hard disk directly.
– Perfect 100% DVD backup. Just like your original DVD movies without any quality or feature (Menus, Audio, Subtitles and Languages) lost
– Remove CSS (Content Scrambling System) automatically
– Support preview when shrinking
– Backup your DVD in 1-2-3 steps. It’s very suitable for beginners

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