Acoustica Basic Edition Free

Acoustica Basic Edition

This application is a handy audio editor that features audio recording, non-destructive editing and mastering.

Due to its ease of use and powerful tools provided, Acoustica can be of great help for both novice and advanced users. You can load audio files and edit them, import tracks from audio CDs, generate audio recordings (including tape cassette recordings) and process files in various formats such as WMA, WAV, OGG, MP3, FLAC and others.

Besides the basic audio editing operation (cut, copy, paste, mix, delete, crop, insert silence etc.) you can also make volume adjustments, normalize peak/RMS values, apply audio effects (echo, convolution reverb and reverse) and filters.

You can record audio tracks using different inputs as well as convert the sample format of recordings by changing parameters like sample rate (up to 96000 samples per second), resolution (up to 32 bit PCM) and number of channels. It also includes DirectX and VST plug-ins, undo/redo functions, drag and drop editing and CD burning.

Bottom line, Acoustica is a feature-rich audio editor that helps you edit new recordings, existing audio files in any format you want or CD tracks and also improve their properties and characteristics.

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