Adebis Photo Sorter Free

Adebis Photo Sorter

This simple application allows you to rearrange your entire photo collection into a well organized folders structure based on certain criteria.

Adebis Photo Sorter can automatically organize your pictures based on their EXIF data and on your specified sorting criteria, although there is an option to include the files without EXIF info as well.

All you have to do is select the location where your pictures are stored and then choose a destination for the new folders structure.

You can include subfolders with the year, month and/or day when pictures were taken, group photos according to the time interval (number of days) between them and also sort only certain file types that were created in a specified time frame.

Furthermore, you can also choose to automatically rename your photos.


  • batch renaming of pictures
  • automatic organization of large photo collections
Bottom line:This fast and efficient image sorting tool may come in handy especially for those who own huge collections of photographs that need to be completely organized.

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