Aomei Partition Assistant 5.1.1 Free

Aomei Partition Assistant 5.1.1

In case you need to manage your hard disk space making new partitions, changing drive letters, allocated space, delete or format partitions, this software offers a large number of operations that will solve your problem very fast.

The interface is very well organized and is easy to use. If you do not know how to make desired operations, there are tutorials available on developer web site and you can access them using a link from Aomei Partition Assistant main interface.

But this tool make the format operations to be easy to understand and apply for any type of user, even for beginners.

You can apply a large number of operations/tasks, like resize/move partition, split or copy, alocate free space, merge partitions, delete or format, change label or drive letter, convert to primary or even hide partition.

It supports drag function and you can easily assign desired amount of space by moving your mouse and also you will have a visual representation about how large or small can be partitions, an useful preview before making changes.

After you set the desired tasks (it not have complex menus, but it has all basic and important ones) click apply and your computer will be restarted and you will have the new hard drive features enabled.

The interface is professionally designed and the simplicity of use will make this tool a must have for your default software tools/utilities.

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