ApexDC++ 1.6.0 Free

ApexDC++ 1.6.0

ApexDC++ is one of the most popular peer-to-peer file-sharing clients that is based upon StrongDC++code package, giving users from all around the world streamlined way and large toolset for management of Direct Connect network protocol.  Created from the ground up by the large team of veteran developers in the field of P2P client creation, ApexDC++represents a great file transfer management application which everyone needs to try if they want to share their files or see what other users are transferring over simple, reliable and very popular Direct Connect network.

Even though current market is home for about a dozen of similar open-source and user-friendly solutions, ApexDC++ managed to distinguish itself from the competition by offering very aggressive upgrade schedule, great relations with the community of its users, and constant focus on making ApexDC++ the best application that it could possibly be. This includes optimizing all aspects of its use, starting from user interface (which takes the basic layout of other popular solutions and adds its twist on the organization and management of transfers) to the toolset that covers every possible usage scenario you can think off. Users can very easily search and join servers, browse the files offered by users, manage downloads and setup their own share directories. Users who previously used any other DC++ client will have zero problems getting used to ApexDC++, while complete novices will be able to learn how best to control it in just few minutes.

ApexDC++ Features:

  • DHT Global Network
  • LUA Scripting
  • Segment downloading
  • Intelligent file distribution
  • Powerful Plugin API

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