Apicviewer v5.5.9 Free

Apicviewer v5.5.9

With Apicviewer automatically search, download, display and email your favorites pictures, videos, movies and sounds.


  • Automatic multimedia files searcher and downloader from newsgroups.
  • Ideal for pictures, movies and sounds: mp3, midi, mpeg, mpg, mov, qt, rm, viv, avi, wav, jpeg, gif, zip, rar
  • Thumbnail pictures gallery
  • Images timer viewer
  • Automatic multi-part reconstruction
  • Duplicate file elimination
  • E-mail send
  • Html viewer
  • Mime/UUencode decoding
  • Keyword/expression searching

Format supported:

  • Video files: .avi
  • Movie files MPEG: .mpeg .mpg .m1v .mp2 .mpa .mpe
  • Audio files: .wav .snd .au .aif .aifc .aiff .wma .mp3
  • Midi files: .mid .rmi .midi
  • Media playlist: .asx .wax .m3u .wvx
  • Windows Media files: .asf .wm .wma .wmv
  • QuickTime files: .mov .qt
  • Realplayer files: .rm
  • Vivo media files: .viv
  • Rar files: .rar .r01 .r02 …
  • Winzip files: .zip

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