Assam Adder: 40 Number Adder That Edits & Recalls 2.2 Free

Assam Adder 40 Number Adder That Edits  Recalls 2.2

Big addition sums, with tens of contributing numbers to be added up, are an integral part of any business, any association or even any household. Assam-Adder, tailor-suited for just this need, is an intuitive, as if on-paper, 40-number adder calculator that can add up to forty contributing later-modifiable terms, whether very large (up to several billions) or very small (up to a few millionth parts of one). There are also special provisions for multiple occurrences of the same term within a given calculation. Any earlier addition problem, in any one of its past modifications, may be instantly located & recalled here, so as to be re-calculated or further modified. This facility is particularly useful for businesses and organizations needing to recall old calculations. In Assam-Adder, text version of any current or even any past calculation may also be immediately obtained as a session report, which may be copied to any word-processor document and then easily formatted and/or printed. In v2.2, one may even keep blank (instead of the auto-displayed default 1) the space for the right-side multiplier factor for a number that indicates how many times (i.e., 1, 2 or 3 etc.) that number appears in the overall addition problem. Even if the factor is thus kept blank, itll now be counted as 1 (not as 0).

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