Auction Sentry Standard 3.2.5 Free

Auction Sentry Standard 3.2.5

Whether a buyer or a seller, Auction Sentry streamlines and automates tracking and bidding on eBay auctions. It automates bidding placing your bid as close to the end of the auction as possible (sniping). The intuitive interface displays your auctions in a color-coded grid, indicating which auctions you are winning, which you have been out-bid on, and which you have set up a snipe bid for.

Also alerts you when an auction receives a bid.

What is new in version 3.2.5:-Fixed High Bidder Column
-Top Rated Sellers will not appear under Seller column
-Auctions that have Buy It Now option available will now display the BIN
price in the BIN column
-Fixed quantity issue that caused “quanity specified exceeds quanity available” error

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