Audiograbber Free


Can be used like a CD player.Audiograbber options are:
– normalize
– make MP3
– compare two files
– line in sampling
– choose language
– refresh track list
– grab and make MP4 with Grabber
– test
– MP3 settings
– MP3 playback
– normalize settings
d. help
– show tips and tutorials

In Audiograbber can make a default folder to store files ,choose what options to display for an audio file (artist name,album name,track number and track name).You can select CD-ROM type ,RIP method and DAE speed ;can start or end offset or discard.CD audio read speed is customizable ,too.Can choose a color for tracklist ,use internal sound effects ,replace spaces with underscore in music file names created by Audio Grabber.It show you the type of soundcard and you can select to show splahscreen.Has a button for refreshing track list.Have a toogle volume meter in the right bottom and allow to set the volume level when you grab melodies.

Why Audiograbber is so popular ?
You can take music files and transform in MP3 and then play in your car CD player or MP3 player. Is freeware and can make a download for this audio ripper.You can also use an external encoder.Most encoder programs can only encode from a file and write the result to another file. A few encoders can however use stdin/stdout as data stream. That means that it can encode data sent to its stdin device and write the result to the stdout device. Audiograbber can modify external programs stdin/stdout devices so it is used as a pipe between this aoftware and the external program.

Normally it should be no problem at all for the computer to handle incoming data when the analog mode is used. It is only 1x speed and even a 486 computer should be able to handle this. However, If you are sampling directly to an MP3 file then you may get speed problems whereby you should create a wav file and then encode it.Support and tips can be find on developer page.

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