AVG Anti Spyware Free

AVG Anti Spyware

Is a program for protection against spyware (Ewido Antispyware mean the same).Some items are:status,update,scanner, shield,infections,reports,analysis,tools and help.Status shows you the residentshield,automatic updates,data of the last scan and last update,number of spyware signatures in database and files in quarantine status. For Premium support and premium updates you need to buy this download ( www6.grisoft.com/doc/buy/us/crp/0?prd=asw )

Ewido AVG Antispyware Update have automatic and manual update options.Can set the proxy (http , host and port).Scanner function provide you the complete system scan,fast scan,,registry ,memory and custom scan;you choose the desired option.More than 15 settings are available here (scan in NTFS data streams,scan for adware,dialers,riskware,scan inside archives like ZIP , Ace or Rar) .You can choose files by extension(.bat..cab etc).Shield is not available in this trial version,but if you buy it can set the self protection.

AVG Antispyware Infections show you the spyware and viruses files corrupted who are in quarantine . You can save reports in full version (request pay).Analysis reveal the items scanned by name,path, window etc.AVG Tools contain errors reporting and other services. While you scan the computer for spyware with AVG , you can pause the search,resume or stop.You can see in real time the following informations :
-scanned objects
-skipped objects
-infected files
-data hour when scan was started and time elapsed and the file(folder) who is currently scanned.
This software developed by Grisoft is easy to use and pretty silent.


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