Avgo Ringtone Maker Free

Avgo Ringtone Maker

This software will convert your music files in ringtone format. You can select desired part from an audio file.

Open the file and listen it. Select desired part that you want to convert it to a ringtone, with drag and drop. By default, it has checked option to make ringtone duration exactly 30 seconds, but if you uncheck this option from the interface, you will be able to drag the bar long as you want.

It include options to set custom audio fade, it shows exact time of start and end points from the melody, that has been selected to define exact part that will be cut.

Select output profile: MP3 for Samsung and Nokia, WAVE profile, Smaf .mmf, .amr , .m4r for iPhone and more.

From Settings choose stereo or mono, choose sample rate and bitrate.


  • support many file extensions to open
  • makes ringtones for many phone models

  • interface design
Additional info:This program may display some advertisement on its main interface, during use

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