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Is developed by Avira GmbH (www.avira.com)  Very important for a company that produces anti-virus,anti-spyware and anti-malware programs is to have all the new definitions available quickly, to detect and remove newest threats. We have tested many times this product and we are very satisfied about its qualities. Let us to present some important features:

1. Status
Here can activate or deactivate AntiVir Guard (real time protection,recommended to be ON) Status show you the data of the last scan,last update data and the valability license.

Can perform Scan action selecting the desired folders from your computer(HDD,removable disks with automatic or manual selection).

Show the last file found with virus issues,last virus definition detected by Avira AntiVir and statistics (number of files,detection,suspicious files,deleted,required or removed files).You can get the virus information from Avira (related to the threat founded by ntiVir Personal on your PC).Here you can configure the scan action (can use file extensions,smart extensions,scan boot record,master boot sectors,scan memory).

Avira antivirus display the files who are in quarantine (founded with malicious behavior) and offer informations about type,detection,time,engine and source.

Can set daily update for the last virus,trojans,dialers,worms and spyware definitions and configure automatic jobs for scanning you system regularly.

Shows the number of viruses found and the status of updates (if was updated successfully or not).

Can see all the Avira AntiVir activities history.

Luke Filewalker is the window that appears when you perform scan. Luke Filewalker shows in real time the actions, the statistics and the viruses found. When Avira Guard is active and the software find a virus on computer, a pop-up window will appear and will ask you what do you want to do with that file (delete,access denied,move to quarantine etc).


  •     high detection rate
  •     is scanning fast
  •     is constantly updated
  •     friendly design and interface
Bottom line:You can trust this program that will protect you in real time against various, including newest, viruses and malware that are present these days on internet..

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