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Baidu Antivirus

There are many free antivirus programs, some of which merely give a false sense of security. How do you know the right PC security software to choose? A number of factors can help you out, and Baidu antivirus incorporates all the important factors.Baidu Antivirus Features

  • Multiple Antivirus Engine: The program intelligently selects the right antivirus automatically to help in detecting and removing 99 percent of threats
  • Realtime System Defense helps to protect the computer at all times
  • Cloud Security provides ultrafast response to the latest threats
  • Proactive Defense provides quick response from the cloud to help in blocking viruses
  • Local virus databases help in detecting viruses localized to particular areas
  • Free antivirus that provides free upgrades and other free services


Baidu antivirus installed fast on our system and automatically updated to the latest version soon after installation. The program recommended that we scan our PC immediately after the installation, which we did.

Using Baidu Antivirus

We decided to perform a full scan as we performed other tasks. It is recommended that you perform a full scan on a weekly basis and quick scan daily. The program offers the option to auto process and shut down the computer after scanning. However, we chose the manual process option. The program then displayed scan results, which included elapsed time, items scanned, threats detected and threats removed. It also provided a link to the quarantine.


Lightweight: The installed program took 54.77MB while others take more than 100MB.

Resource-friendly: We could perform other tasks as the antivirus scanned our computer in the background without noticing any lag in performance. Many so-called antivirus programs do not only slow down computers but also fail to detect some threats.

Efficient: Baidu antivirus fights all types of infections, including malware, Trojans, worms, malicious websites and phishing. It combines conventional scanning, including USB protection, with cloud security.

Fast: Compared to some antivirus programs, Baidu scans computers relatively faster.

User-friendly: The relatively few options the software provides make it easy to use. This does not mean it does not perform some important functions. The quarantine option is also good because it allows users to access and scan important files with potential threats.


Baidu antivirus allows users to change a number of settings that determine how the program works. The possible areas to adjust include general, virus scan, system protection, proactive defense, update, engine option, USB protection and advanced settings. The program also provides the option of giving feedback.


Although the antivirus has many advantages, some users may not be pleased with a couple of areas:

  • No option to exclude files or folders
  • No option for scheduling a scan


Baidu is an efficient and simple PC security software that even newbies can use comfortably.

Software Product Description

A free antivirus utility that includes real-time protection and cloud security.

Professional AntiVirus plus ultra fast cloud Security.

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