Balabolka 2.08 Free

Balabolka 2.08

Due to its integrated text-to-speech engine, Balabolka can read text and convert it to speech. It supports various input types such as .txt, .mobi, .prc, .djv, .doc, .html, .odt, .pdf and others, and also includes several useful features.

You can either enter a new text and read it aloud using the computer voice available, or you can open an existing document and select the text you’d like to convert.

In addition, you can adjust the pitch of the voice, the rate and volume as well as perform a spell checking, replace the numbers with words and apply rules for pronunciation correction.

Moreover, the converted text can be split and saved as audio file – WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, MP4 and other formats – using different split methods.

There are also options to edit ID3 tags, insert audio clips, compare text lines between two specified files, extract text from files and convert it to .txt format.

All in all, Balabolka is an excellent text-to-speech application that features a rich selection of settings and great speech configuration options.

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