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Bluray To MP4 Converter

Fantastic HD impact, wonderful experience, entertainment anytime anywhere, just with it, Earth Bluray To MP4 Converter! It decrypts blu-ray tech successfully, and converts blu-ray to MP4-MPEG4, MP4-H.264, etc. with different resolutions.

Earth Bluray To MP4 Converter supports previewing the movie before converting, clipping any segment of the BD or DVD movies, shutting down the computer automatically, customizing the output encoding parameters, etc.

> Support decrypting blu-ray disks (BD) and DVDs.
> Support MP4-MPEG4, MP4-H.264.
> Watch the movie before converting to get a general idea of the converted effect.
> Clip any movie segment from the movie freely and simply.
> Shut down the computer automatically after converting finished.
> Customize the output encoding parameters, like video quality, video size, audio channel, audio quality, etc.
> You can also select to load the main movie only or load the main movie, advertising, recordings, etc.

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