BSplayer Free


Is a popular video codec like DivX or Codec PackThe space required for installation is 3,9 MB and have more than 20 foreign languages.

Options are revealed if you right click with mouse on main window.
– open file
– open URL
– load external audio files
– load subtitles
– save as
– playlist
– show or hide main window
– bookmark

Playback features are:
– previous,ply,stop,pause,previous and next CD,fast forward and rewind,jump to time etc.
Offers video features like color controls,full screen,aspect ratio(original,anamorphic,4:3,16:9), zoom 50,100 or 200 percent,change resolution from 640 x 480 until 2048 x 1536 .For audio option you have an equalizer.You can set the skin, language and capture frame at the original size .

Preferences are :
A. general
B. video
C. audio
D. subtitles
E. customize keys
F. playlist
G. filter management
H. skins
I. plugins

General settings allow to pause movie on a single click,auto hide main menu,remember last movie position,shut down computer when finished and others.BSplayer video settings allow to start always in full screen mode ,remember zoom and window size for movies and resize video.
Audio features allow to use internal Vorbis encoder ,set default audio stream and AC3 decoder (AC3 audio decoder,Nero audio decoder 2,MPEG audio decoder,or Nero digital audio decoder).
At subtitles you can enable or disable subtitles for movies,set the font,color and background for subtitles ,configure subtitle size and language ,set margins and width (the spaces in the window were BS player subtitles will appear).
In keys you can edit shortcuts from your keyboard for player functions.
At filter management can add ore remove video or audio files from white and black list.You have shortcuts for increase or decrease the font size for subtitles, in main window.Can select Mute or minimize .Extensions supported are Divx, Xvid, Vob And Wav, Mpa, Mp1,Avi, Mpeg 1, Mpeg 2, Mp2, Mp3, Ogg, Aac, Wmv, Dv, M1V, Mov, Mp4, Mpv, Qt, Rm, and others.

Editor’s Note:
At the final of installation you will be asked to install missing codecs. Install them all.

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