Cabos 0.8.2 Free

Cabos 0.8.2

Cabos is completely free, small and incredibly fast file-sharing software which connects to the Gnutella network and enables its users to easily search and share multimedia files. Utilizieng streamlined interface and wide range of customization tools, anyone (including complete novices who have never tried any form of peer-to-peer sharing before) can effortlessly discover what other users have shared and easily setup your own files that you want to share. With interface that was specifically creafted to be as easy as possible, file sharing, downloading and discovering can become easy as never before.

First publicly available version of Cabos appeared on the internet in 2004, made completely by the developer known as heavy_baby who coded this app using REALbasic programming language. He focused on delivering only the easy discovering and downloading options, choosing not to implement features such as showcases of user libraries and integrated chat. These omissions however did not lessened Cabos popularity, making it popular with people who want streamlined experience of pure sharing through simple user interface.

Today after more than a decade on the market, Cabos still represents one of the best file sharing solutions that is connected to the large Gnutella network. It is small, resource light (it requires less than 7MB of RAM memory), does not have integrated advertisements, can perfectly integrate into your iTunes library, and can be used in over 25 international languages.

Some of Cabos main features are:

  • Mojito DHT support
  • Firewall to firewall transfers
  • UPnP support
  • Supports Plug and Play
  • IP2Country support
  • Light on system resources

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