Calaym (QuickPlayer) Free

Calaym (QuickPlayer)

This simple to use media player can play streams, audio CDs and other formats and also features some cool functions and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

When running the setup, Calaym prompts you to select the sound system you want to install (FmodEx, Fmod or Bass) along with additional plugins if available, and also choose between a Tango or a Windows like theme.

The interface is as simple as possible and users can access the available functions using the menu’s items or the keyboard shortcuts. The program can play a wide selection of audio formats – .mp3, .ogg, .aiff, .cda, .flac, .mid, .midi, .s3m, .wav etc. – and create playlist files out of your favorite songs.

Calaym features basic playback controls (play, stop, previous, next, skip, end song), repeat modes (single, all, random), seeking and removing options as well as directories automatic refresh support.

It also provides fading and crossfading support, keyboard shortcuts settings, volume adjustments and more. All in all, this lightweight music player comes with some impressive features which deserve to be considered and moreover, it’s free.

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