ClamWin Free


This antivirus program will protect your computer against malware from internet or other sources. There are present settings for filters, internet updates, updates through proxy configuration, scheduled scans, email alerts, scan archives, displays reports and others.

ClamWin can scan in subdirectories, will display a list with infected files, can remove or move to quarantine viruses and infected files found.

You can exclude from scanning types of files matching file names and enable automatic virus database update. Supports scheduled scans.

You can send reports made by this antivirus in your email account; archives (.zip, .rar ..) can be scanned or not, depends what you choose.

It offers antivirus email protection and will scan all incoming or outgoing emails, preventing you from being infected by malware that may be present in attachments.

Bottom line:
It can be a good antivirus that you may consider to test.

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