Color Archiver 2.4.0 Free

Color Archiver 2.4.0

A tiny utility to act as your color diary. Pick and save color. Search color. It provides unique color saving and lists all colors elegantly.

The unique color palette let you browse the colors saved so far. All predefined web colors are also there. Very good for web developer to remember their custom colors.

The new search feature helps you find desired color by name. It is so tiny and pretty. It supports all color models like RGB, HSL, HSV, CMY and CMYK.


  • Acts as standard Color-Picker
  • Clipboard transfer 8×8 image(filled rectangle)
  • Support for CMY, CMYK, HSL and HSV color space
  • Support for RGB, CMY and CMYK color component display
  • Color dialog for HSL color space
  • Mouse scroll support for all numeric fields
  • Mouse scroll support for Zoom when capturing screen.
  • HexConv feature which is very handy for developers
  • Measure feature for on screen element measurement in pixels
  • Dedicated textboxes for RGB and CMYK colors and enhanced methods to decode color from any of the displayed modes
  • Made it true portable by saving all preference in application folder and removing any dependency with registry.

What´s New in version 2.4.0:

  • Added text boxes to show/copy RGB and CMYK colors
  • color decoding provided from all the enclosed formats (RGB, CMYK, WEB COLOR, HEX, LONG, HTML)

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