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Dexpot Portable

Dexpot will increase the area of your screen by up to 20 times. It creates and manages virtual desktops and enables you to work far more efficiently and comfortably with many simultaneously opened Windows.

Every virtual Desktop is independent from the others and can have individual wallpaper, resolution, and icons. Desktops can be switched via hotkey, trayicon, the special Desktop Manager or an automatic slideshow.

Dexpot allows you to move and copy windows among the desktops at any time with an easy to use unified interface, that also offers control over numerous extended features like password protection, transparency, window rules, and profiles.


  • More features than any other VD manager, guaranteed.
  • Looks up to date, tidy and simply beautiful.
  • Easy to use, fast to configure.
  • Can be expanded with plugins.
  • Stunning 3D transition effects (DirectX 9 required).
  • Supports stylish wallpaper clocks (*.wcz).

Free for non-commercial use.

What´s New in version


  • Dynamic Taskbar Reordering for Windows 8.1
  • Per-monitor DPI awareness for further Dexpot plugins
  • Ukrainian language file


  • Fixed rare issue with hidden windows after desktop switch
  • Improved compatibility for My Avira notifications
  • Enhanced handling of Photoshop palettes
  • Certain Windows hotkeys could unhide the Dexpot main menu

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