Dictation Pro 0.91 Free

Dictation Pro 0.91

This is a speech recognition software designed to help you write your documents and e-mails much easier, by just using your voice along with a high quality microphone or headset for improving the accuracy of your voice recognition.

Right after the installation, Dictation Pro prompts you to test the quality of your microphone and also to start teaching your computer how to recognize your voice, by following a speech recognition voice training.

The program supports and recognizes multiple voice profiles of different users, being able to adapt to several voice modulations and speaking styles. There is also a profile manager that allows you to activate a certain voice profile, rename, delete or perform backup/restore actions.

Basically after creating a voice profile, you can turn your microphone on and start dictating the text you’d like Dictation Pro to type for you. You can also use commands for text formatting, copying and deleting paragraphs or certain words, correcting spelling and mistyped words and also for inserting images, tables, hyperlinks etc.

All in all, this speech recognition software can be used with utmost ease for speeding up your typing process especially if you have to edit large documents and reports.

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