Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.1 Free

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.1

Extreme Thumbnail Generator is the best way to make attention grabbing web thumbnail galleries that stand out from thousands of boring look-alikes. This application is jam-packed with unique templates and powerful tools for creating vivid web photo albums. The program offers two major advantages. First, it does not require any special skills or knowledge, meaning that average Joe can learn how to use it within minutes, without having to read books about HTML and digital photo processing. Programs wizard-like interface guides through the entire process step by step. Second, it offers all necessary tools required by the professionals – straightforward interface, support for all common photo formats (jpg, gif, bmp, tiff and others), customizable templates and photo editing options.

The program can be used for a variety of applications – online catalogs, goods and services presentations, picture galleries, family and wedding albums, even marketing materials. A picture is worth a thousand words – thats how the proverb goes. When it comes to online businesses, people fast learn – no pictures, no sales.

And the best way to make a quality thumbnail gallery is with Extreme Thumbnail Generator. Best of all, this software is distributed online as trialware, meaning there is a free demo version available for immediate download. Get your copy now!

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