Fast Browser Pro v8.1 Free

Fast Browser Pro v8.1

Want a fantastic web browser? Try this marvelous browser and you´ll be hooked!

Fast Browser features many excellent functions, it can speak, translate, open 180 homepages at the same time, and more:

  • Advanced multi-page browsing: Can open up to 180 web pages at once, support many easy ways to manage your browsing.
  • Voice function: Can speak homepage´s content in different tones and ACTIONS. Listen to your favorite websites now.
  • Casual surfing: What is Casual Surfing? That is to say, it will kill your dullness and show you an unexpected website each time, a funny way to surf the web.
  • Translation: Allows you to change the language in which you view the page (includes up to 35 languages).
  • Power search: Includes more than 500 search engines and 100 search categories, so search any information you want without taking any pain.
  • Website scan: Can check all Urls in a homepage and show each url´s create date, file size, link state (active or dead) or even the server name.
  • Link filter: Select each exact link in a large homepage as quickly as you want.
  • Quick download: Set download options easily, such as picture, sound, movie, or even the SCRIPT.
  • Mini notepad: Can drag and collect the important information from homepages.
  • Group working, favorites export/import, browse local html or flash files, and more.

(Requires: 16 MB of RAM, Pentium 166, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01+)

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