Flock Free


Have similar options with other known web browsers like: save frame,send link,open new URL,find,character encoding etc. Can adjust Favorites options for feeds,blogs or multimedia streams.Can clear cookies with a shortcut in Flock Tools.

Flock Privacy and Security options are related to passwords (can remember passwords for all sites or use a master password),popup block and to prevent automatic actions when surf the internet pages (downloads,addons installs etc).Can clean cache,history,accounts and authenticated sessions .
You can see Flock update history (tools->options->advanced->update) and choose if the new pages will be opened in a new tab or in a new window.Also , tou can enable or disable the images loading,JavaScript or pop-ups.

Flock Favorites Manager allow to import,export,make new folders or delete bookmarks.You can print a web page directly from Flock window (use Ctrl+P and set the printer options).

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