Formula Builder for MS Word Free

Formula Builder for MS Word

If you need to use mathematical formulas in Microsoft Word documents, like Excel has, install this add-in. Is a package for your Word application that will make you able to work with formulas.

You can convert cell, row, column, table or entire document formulas to text.

If you have a table with numbers you can easily apply calculations and functions like sum, average, count, min or max.

With Formula Builder wizard you can create your customized formulas using different operators like sum, abs, and, average, count, defined, false, if, int, max, min, mod, round, true and many more. Also, you can copy and paste formulas from other applications and save it to work on Word.

If you are working a lot with Word documents and is useful or needed to apply diffeent formulas like in Excel, this application is a great help.

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