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fx-Calc 3.5.0

Although Windows comes with a built-in calculator, you may want to perform more calculations than the application can handle. fx-Calc is a simple application that is smaller than the native Windows calculator, but it is versatile enough to handle complex calculations easily.

How to Use fx-Calc

The calculator has an editor field where you need to type in what you want to calculate. It performs calculations in real time, and you will see the results as you type. If you make some mistakes, it will display text in red color and provide a specific error message in the results pane. The interpreter is case-sensitive.

If you are making simple calculations, press either Enter or the Calculate button after entering your desired task.

You can theoretically enter unlimited parentheses levels in mathematical expressions, thanks to the application´s use of dynamic memory, which is not a problem with modern computers. This means you can use multiple functions and brackets. You can even use self-defined functions, and fx-Calc will automatically detect variables as you type.

The application supports further functionalities, including analyzing functions and plotting functions in either 2D or 3D. It also supports memory function, which means you can store a value and recall it later for other calculations. It displays the current memory value in a separate field.

What´s New in version 3.5.0:

  • new solver module, it combines multiple search algorithms
  • window list with small icons supports better recognition of window types
  • new menu design
  • improved ongoing recognition of online status

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