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Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar for Internet is a feature from Google Inc.Can be installed in IE browser .

What is showing us Google Toolbar and for what reason we can install this product ? Google Toolbar have in the left side a quick link button for Google Homepage.Near this link is a search window; type the words and press Search and Google results will appear in the same window.A small arrow permit you to select these items: search images,i am feeling lucky,search groups,people,news ,Google maps and bookmarks. When you select an option the browser will go to the specific google subdomain page.A quick link for Gmail is available too.

Than Google Toolbar have a shortcut to Google Bookmark page and Page Rank indicator (Page Rank show on a scale between 1 and 10 the value and trust rank for the site who is visited).
You can login fast to your blog or Gmail account and send an instant SMS .

Google Toolbar is customizable and have options for:
– autolink
– autofill
– translate menu
– search box
– bookmarks
– spell check and spreadsheets

You can add or remove items who will appear in toolbar (if you do not need some functions you press remove and can add later if you have to). Button text labels are icons,text or both..Google Toolbar layouts can be classic or choose to replace the browser toolbar.
The length of search box is customizable with drag function of your mouse .
In the right you have Help menu: privacy,help and uninstall information.

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