HDD Scan and Restoration Program Free

HDD Scan and Restoration Program

Salvation Scan and Restoration Program is developed by Salvation HDD Research Center, the world-famous HDD repair and data recovery research institute which developed numerous professional HDD repair and data recovery software.

This program is the only known professional program that can scan a HDD with capacity of over 136 GB at high speed directly and without needing the support of computer mainboard. It can utmost afford 2000 G HDD in theory, supports IDE interface only, no SATA or SCSI ones at the present.

A breakthrough of this program is that, without depending on BIOS, it can control read and write to the HDD directly, with high-speed, veracity, friendly interface and simple management; there will be an intuitionistic and intact report for the physical defective sectors created after the scanning.

The continual defective sectors can be easily skipped; therefore the defective HDD will not get stuck.There is a “Restorer” in this program which can restore the usual physical defective sectors.

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