InspIRCd v1.1.3 Free

InspIRCd v1.1.3

InspIRCd is a modular C++ IRC Daemon for Linux, BSD and Windows systems created to provide a stable, modern, lightweight ircd (irc server) from scratch and provide a vast number of features in a modularised form using an advanced module API. By keeping the functionality of the main core to a minimum we hope to increase the stability and speed of our project and make it customisable to the needs of many users.

InspIRCd is designed primarily to be a custom irc server for the chatspike irc network (irc.chatspike.net) but we are releasing it into the public domain under GPL so that you may benefit yourself from our work. The project is written from scratch, avoiding the inherent instability under large loads which can be seen in many other irc server distributions which have the same featureset.

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