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Internet Explorer 11 10  9.0  8

Is the most popular internet browser developed by Microsoft. Do you have a connection to internet (dial-up or cable)? You have Windows installed (98,XP,Vista/7/8) ?

You need a browser for navigate and explore the internet informations.A browser will do this for you. The new competitor for this browser are but some people search with Opera and Safari.

The Menu of this application have:File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help.

File allow to open an URL or a new window.Also,can setup the page and the page for printer. The Exit option is on the File menu.
Edit contain :cut,copy,paste and find (can find folders or people groups) on internet.
At View configure the font size (larger,largest,smaller and medium), view the source of a web page ,encode a page ,go to full screen mode and set the toolbar (standard buttons,address bar etc.).
In favorites can add and organize your preferred pages.

IE Tools have internet options were you can:
– set the home page
– delete cookies or files
– clear history of browsing
– choose fonts,languages,colors and accessibility (for people with disabilities or handicap)
– set the level of online security (enable or disable ActiveX controls and plug-ins , set binary and script behaviors,download signed activeX controls , set Meta Refresh ,use restricted protocols for active content,active scripting,user authentication, set the Java applets enable or disable, drag and drop files etc).
– customize Local Intranet settings (can include all network paths)
– define trusted and restricted sites for Internet Explorer(you can add manually URL addresses)
– set the privacy level (from accept all cookies until block all cookies), block or allow pop-ups and import in privacy settings from a specific file .
– content have a content advisor ,can clear SSL state and import certificates.When you are online with a messenger or Gmail
you can be notified when you receive new email;than you click the link and a new Internet Explorer page will be opened directly in your email account .You can try this option if you get yahoo! Messenger or use a Google Talk account.
– advanced settings are about accessibility options ,browsing, HTTP settings and printing.

Internet Explorer often comes installed by default, usually is installed in the same time with Windows operating system. IE may not be the best browser, but you may give it a try.

Bottom line:Since version 11, Internet Explorer provides a better experience for surfing the web.

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