Iobit Smart Defrag Free

Iobit Smart Defrag

This is a modern program with high quality design and easy to use. Iobit Smart Defrag can be used to analyze and defragment your computer’s hard drives or attached devices such as USB or external hard disk.

Is able to scan very quickly selected drives and will display a report with fragmentation rate (%) and total number of fragments. At reporting area you can sort items by number of fragments, size or path.

From Settings you can set a schedule to enable Smart Defrag to run automatically. After defragmentation, can automatically shut down, sleep, hibernate or reboot computer.

Automatic real time defrag and boot defrag can be turned on/off with a single click from main window.

Allows to exclude files or folders, interface is available in many languages and supports different skins as well changing transparency of the application.

At the installation, the program allows you to disable default Windows defragmenter, to not have 2 active programs to make the same task, because can slow down computer performance.


  • modern design
  • intuitive
  • schedule
  • different skins
Bottom line:I had a positive user experience using this program, i was surprised by modern design, usability and the speed of analyzing & defragmenting.
Additional info:During the installation this program offers you to install toolbar(s). You may choose to install them or not. This program may display some advertisement on its main interface, during use.

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