iTSfv Beta Free

iTSfv Beta

iTSfv has many number of visible and hidden features: automatic genre tagging from, exporting iTunes Store artwork, downloading Lyrics from LyricsWiki, Synchrocleaning iTunes Music Library, recovering playedCount from, automatic rating according played pattern, creating statistics for your music library, and many more. * Fill Track Count, Disc Number and Disc Count * Fill AlbumArtist from Artist tag * Embed Artwork from explorer into tracks without embedded artwork * Copy Folder.jpg to album folders * Backup and restore play count and ratings * Report albums with inconsecutive track numbers * Report tracks with missing tags (Artwork, Track Number, Lyrics etc.) * Capitalize each word of tag and rename file accordingly * Add new tracks to library (manually or by automatically monitoring) * Delete unreferenced tracks from library similarly to iTunes Library Updater

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