IVONA MiniReader 1.0.12 Free

IVONA MiniReader 1.0.12

This simple to use program can read aloud web content, e-mails and basically any selected text from applications that display text.

IVONA MiniReader comes with a small interface which can be displayed in full or mini mode. It features text-to-speech voices that are compatible with the SAPI standards and also capable of providing a high quality sound.

To start reading out loud a text, all you have to do is select the text directly into the application that displays it, choose a voice and adjust its speed and volume if necessary, and then press the play button.

In addition you can define reading exceptions, select the characters to be ignored (dash, brackets, tilde, apostrophe etc.) and specify the length (in ms) of the pauses between sentences and paragraphs (or select the predefined values – normal or long).

IVONA MiniReader proves to be a handy tool for converting almost any text into natural-sounding spoken words with just few clicks.

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