jetAudio 8.1.4 Basic Free

jetAudio 8.1.4 Basic

JetAudio plays various music and video files. Features included are: CD Burning, Recording, and File Conversion. You can create Internet Broadcasts with JetCast. JetAudio plays most major file formats and various video or audio tracks. You can even convert audio files to various formats. A special feature is Video conversion which can make video files compatible for your portable devices such as iPOD or PSP. Other features include: sound effects (Wide, Reverb, and X-Bass), multichannel sound output, speed control for audio playback, cross-fading, skin changes, and synchronized lyric display for MIDI.

JetAudio Main Features:

Audio CD Ripping
Create digital audio files from Audio CD

Convert various digital audio files to supported target file formats

Record from various analog sources such as microphone or Line-In input

Audio CD burning
Create your own Audio CD from digital audio files

Video encoding
Convert various digital video files to supported target file formats (30 seconds)

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