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Can play or edit music CD,Windows Media Files (.avi),Windows Media Video (mpg.mpeg,mpe),OGG Media Files ,or Matroska videos. The install process is easy to manage.

1.Rip 2.Convert 3.Record 4.Burn 5.Broadcast 6.Get Music.

Rip have options for reading CD,can submit CD to database server and select the output format . Convert can convert audio and video files .Choose the source and select the extension for the new file . A toolbar will show the status of converting in a scale (speed,time left and time passed).

With Record function is easy to record sounds; have in the right the recording volume and the time .Can set the quality of new record with an equalizer;also,set pass filters.Can burn a CD.Add files ,choose the CD name and the speed .Also,can erase a CD-RW. Broadcast will connect to Jet Audio official site and there you can choose from a list you favorite
radio. Get Music option will send you to a music site .

JetAudio preferences have:sound options with 18 or 32bit output,adjust audio level fluctuation and set the sound extension pack. Can enable multichannel surround.

Configure silence option between tasks and register Jet as a default audio player. Here can configure the DVD and Video CD options. Can set file extensions from 2 lists (one is with most used audio file extensions and the other is with the rest).

Set the priority for playback and for CD burning .

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