Jiangmin Antivirus Software KV2009 Free

Jiangmin Antivirus Software KV2009

Protect your computer from viruses, hackers, worms and Trojan Horses; Recover Internet Explorer; Privacy protection. Scan and Kill viruses in the wild,almost 80,000 viruses it can detect and clean. Monitor viruses in the wild, almost listed 80,000 variants.Monitor viruses in the Web page.Monitor viruses affected from file. Monitor viruses affected from Intranet; LAN, Email, or shared folder.Monitor viruses in Microsoft Office Document.Monitor Script viruses.

Other features:
>Advanced Intellectualized Antivirus Engine
>Advanced Active Defense
>Auto Identify Suspicious Files
>Advanced Patent BootScan
>Advanced System Monitor
>Powerful Password Protector
>Advanced Anti-Trojan Detector

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