Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 Free

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014

First time this software was created in 1997. It is in competition with other anti-virus programs like Avast, Avira, Nod32 etc.

It has 3 large jobs for scan your computer:
1. Full scan
2. Critical Areas Scan
3. Vulnerability Scan

You must enable the action and select the security level (a vertical graph will help you). the actions are : prompt for a job or an automatic disinfect or delete (if disinfect is not working). Is similar with File Anti-Virus , but have in addition the option to perform actions on Microsoft Office Outlook Express.Will scan HTTP traffic and block dangerous scripts from Internet Explorer.

ProActive Defense enable application activity analyzer, application integrity control and registry guard . Kaspersky Antivirus have the following Scan settings : prompt for action when scan is finished , during the scan process or automatic disinfect (without prompt) – scan all files , files by extension,only new files , select the minimum or maximum size of the files . This program scan and repair (or delete) to quarantine viruses,worms,trojans,hack tools,spyware,adware and dialers. You can compose a list with trusted zones on your computer (these zones will not be scanned).

Kaspersky Updates modes are daily, manually and automatically. You must setup the proxy server details for automatic access to updates (new viruses definitions). You can choose the appearance of this software with a large palette of colors and styles.

A very important feature this application is the Rescue Disk (make a backup and if your PC is infected and destroyed by a virus you can recover your files). It shows important statistics and you will know all the time what problems are find on your computer.Has settings for threats and exclusions,fake site detection (anti phishing), keylogger and hidden driver install detection, find P2P worms and others.

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