Keep Alive 1.0 Free

Keep Alive 1.0

This software emulates internet activity, keeping any internet connection alive. This can be very useful for dialup users, who will automatically get disconnected after a period of inactivity. Originally designed for cellphone dialup use, but can be used with any dialup or broadband connection, which times out after a period of time.

Keep Alive automatically browses to a designated web page located on PGH Design´s server every ten seconds, therefore keeping a live connection on port 80, and fooling the connection into thinking you are browsing the web. This program can especially be useful while downloading large files, to allow for unattended download without the risk of disconnect and loss of the download. Program´s ease of use and very little resources required makes it a perfect solution for users with even the slowest systems. Just launch the program, minimize it, and it will unobtrusively sit in your system tray until shut down (green light will indicate the program is running and performing its task).

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