KISS Wave Editor 11.9.2 Free

KISS Wave Editor 11.9.2

XCode SE – combining an extremely high tech interface with super kindly features! Its not only a full blown wav editor but includes our most popular specialized tools

An advanced WAV audio editing/ recording software solution for pros and amateurs alike: enabling you to perform audio editing functions with amazing ease. You’ll find that this software has a “personality” of it’s own. It was designed to be, what we call, “polite”: gently guiding you to shorten the learning curve. Get down to the “nitty gritty” with it’s clean interface and powerful features fast.

Enhance your WAV files: will satisfy most any audio editing requirement with the multitude number of conversion functions, effects and filters it offers.

Record audio data from any system supported input (line-in, microphone, speaker output, etc.). You have the option to record in “real time”; thus, creating no temp files – record to WAV on the fly.

Just some of what KISS Wave Editor can do for you:

* Digitize your old tapes and records, save them to your hard drive, and then burn them to CD using the included CD-R writing software.
* Record your voice and add special effects (like echo and fade).
* Delete the annoying applause at the end of a song that was recorded live.
* Apply audio filtering or effects to a music file in order to make it sound better.
* Record your voice and overlay it on top of background music.
* Record cassette talking books and burn to CD-R to backup and preserve.
* Record a music lesson and learn from the playback.
* Amplify a song that’s been recorded too quietly.
* Fade out the end of a song.
* Capable of recording from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, etc.)
* Graphic waveform window allows you to see a visual display of your audio and zoom in or out at will.
* Cut-and-paste editing of your audio in the waveform window
* Edits and records both stereo and single-channel audio
* Timed recording features. Record for a set amount of time
* A large number of special effects/ filters such as Amplify, Delay, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Reverb, Silence, Stretch, Vibrato, Low Pass, High Pass, Low Shelf, High Shelve, and many more…
* Amplification and automatic volume normalization
* Ability to mix sounds — you can overlay your voice on top of music, for example
* Effects can be applied to both channels of stereo audio, or each channel separately.
* Rip Audio CD’s to WAV with amazing ease and speed
* Use the Playlist Manager to manage your WAV files, create play lists, move to other media and much more…
* Write Audio or Data CD’s to preserve your audio files.
* Record INTERNET Radio broadcasts with amazing ease!
* Split HUGE audio files into chunks for easier editing or transferring
* Chop WAV files into separate files
* Use the “Playlist Manager” to manage all your WAV files
* Get, create and print jewel case covers
* Chop files via 4 different ways

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