LifeSniffer Blemish Remover Free

LifeSniffer Blemish Remover

As the name suggests, Free Photo Blemish Remover can fix any skin imperfection and remove the unwanted spots from your pictures.

You just have to click the area you’d like to retouch and the program will automatically replace the pixels with a sample from around the selected spot.

The selection tool can be resized to cover the entire part that needs to be fixed and you can also move the sample circle anywhere you want on your picture.

Moreover, the application features an image navigator and additional options to rotate and flip the picture and also adjust color exposure, contrast and saturation. Once corrected all the imperfections, you can save the new photo to JPEG or TIFF format.


  • can fix imperfections automatically
  • efficient and easy to use
Bottom line:Photo Blemish Remover can automatically retouch all imperfect areas from your pictures by simply selecting them with your mouse.

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