Loan Calc 2.7.5 Free

Loan Calc 2.7.5

Loan Calc is a currency-independent loan and mortgage calculator.It is an easy-to-use software that can calculate loans and mortgages repayments in a very simple way.It calculates repayments amount, monthly and total interest, total repayments and generates a full repayment list from a start date.

It is currency-independent so it can be used with Dollars, Francs, Marks, Pounds or whatever you like.

Just use a dot or a comma for decimals depending on your system settings.

This application lets you select both period and interest compounding from continuous (compounding only), weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annualy.Allows you to save all the repayment list to a text file or an Excel sheet.

Features:– Calculates loan repayments according to amount, rate, duration…
– Support for interest compounding.
– Generates full payment list from a start date
– Exports repayment lists to text files or Excel sheets.
– Currency independent – Easy-to-use interface.

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