McAfee VirusScan 11 (Antivirus) Free

McAfee VirusScan 11 (Antivirus)

McAfee Antivirus has developed for helping users to not be victims of internet computer attacks. While you are installing an application,download an email attachment or import a file from outside,it is the risk to be infested with a virus .This company has produced a site advisor for prevent surfing on websites who have popups or are installing trojans and malware software while you are surfing on them .Offer you total protection and is available for small,medium and enterprise business.Is a complete solution (that means you do not need any security software) for preventing viruses,spyware,email spam,phishing,hacker attacks and other threats .

McAfee Antivirus will control all inbound and outbound traffic and will defend your computer against viruses.There are many intruders and hackers who are trying to gain access to other servers or computers.Is mandatory to use an firewall or/and antivirus program.Is easy to manage because have a very simple control panel.Updates automatically to protect against new threats This software is for a 30 day trial.

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