MediaMonkey 4.1.3 Free

MediaMonkey 4.1.3

MediaMonkey is a program that consists in a variety of applications and tools. The program is able to manage your audio and video files or play them. You can rip audio CDs, burn discs (DVD/CD..) with audio or regular data, tag audio files automatically with data from internet, create playlists and more.

The interface is plenty of features and options, it may seem overwhelmed at first use, but is actually great to have multiple tools in a single application.

Audio and video organizer and player
MediaMonkey is able to scan and detect automatically selected locations from your hard drive and will organize files accordingly to file types: audio and video. More than that, is able to detect audio tags (album names, genres ..) and will organize your files automatically.

You can assign a rating to each file, tag desired files automatically and sort them by different criteria. Includes audio and video player.

Other features included are: rip audio CD, burn DVD/CD with audio or regular files, create playlists, synchronize Android or iOS devices, share content through media server (DLNA) to play content through WiFi on TV, home cinema or others.r


  • scan media files with a single click
  • organize files in types/categories automatically
  • audio and video player
  • rip audio CD
  • burn audio CD
  • support for media server (DLNA)
  • many options

  • just a few skins included (but you can download more)
Bottom line:This is an impressive program due the variety of features and options. If you listen or have a large collection of music, definitely you should use a multimedia manager like this.

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