Merops 6.088 Free

Merops 6.088

Stock exchange software for the management of portfolios. Ergonomic and complete, it permit you to follow your investments in all simplicity. Feed automatically by quotations, it thus avoids monotonous manual updating daily and shows you at any given moment the real state of your portfolios. Merops was created just as well for individuals as it was for asset managers and other professionals. Stock exchange intraday feed differed by 15 min Stock exchange historical feed from 5 years Multi-portfolios / Families of portfolios Estimated valuations, by period Events journal, variation on a period Performances table, transactions sold table Risk Management Multiple currencies Paris stock exchange Indexes Import quotes file Quotes by email, alerts by email /sounds / visuals Automatic tasks and reminders Historical transactions, Management of cash, contributions / withdrawals, payments, … Dividends, allocation, division of nominal, subscription rights, … Graphics by security, valuation, currency, market, sector, profits, loss Printing of portfolios Synthesis of dividends, synthesis by security More than 100 columns (sell price, break even point, stop loss, objective, …) More than 20 indicators of technical analysis (Bollinger, RSI, MACD, …) Securities to watch, orders awaiting execution, index comparison Export, import Real evaluations Post-it, attachments, marker RSS feed reader, patrimony, …

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