MKVToolnix Free


This freeware allows users to create and modify Matroska video files as well as display and examine their technical information.

To start altering your media files or just inspecting them, first you have to load the files into the MKVToolnix’s FileList using either the drag-and-drop method or by simply browsing to their location.

Once the files have been added, the application will display the configuration options available according to your selected tracks, chapters and tags.

You can name tracks, set them as default for their category (audio, video, subtitle) and mark them as „forced”, add timecodes from external text files and set their delay time, change the aspect ratio and the number of frames per second, select a compression algorithm and more.

MKVToolnix also features a Chapter Editor and splitting options by size, time intervals between individual outputs, timecodes and parts. It’s easy to use and can be of great help for those who use this type of format frequently.

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