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Money Manager

Take control of your budget with Money Manager. This personal budget software permit you to manage checking, savings, credit cards, loans, debt accounts. You can even make your own account types! Money Manager takes control over your bills and shows you when they should be paid. make recurring transactions that are generated automatically at the proper time.

Define and use transaction templates to fast make transactions that recur at irregular intervals. Password protect your data files with 128-bit encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your financial information.

Download your transactions from your financial institutions and import them into Money Manager from Quicken Interchange files (qif). Money Manager also automates input of orders coming from RegNow and eSellerate.

The software supports more than 150 different currencies and automatically downloads their exchange rates from Internet. Track Stocks, Mutual Funds or any other investment activities.

Features:– Create and Maintain any type of Bank accounts including checking, savings, credit card, loan accounts.
– Create, Edit and Delete financial Transactions which can belong to any category that you want.
– Reconcile, Unreconcile, Void transactions to tally them with bank statements you receive.
– Transfer amounts from one account to another
– Fixed Deposit Accounts. Reminders for due dates.
– Portfolio Accounts used to track individual stock/mutual fund investments.
– Buy/Sell/Update Prices of Stocks and Shares.
– Ability to specify categories for each transaction.
– Create Custom Categories.
– Payee List, Editing, Renaming etc
– Bills and Deposits to track recurring transactions
– Recurring Bills/Deposits can be setup for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly repeating schedule.
– Create different data files for each user if required.
– Save your data files as password protected encrypted files. (Uses DESEncryption)
– Non encrypted data files are stored as XML files that allow you to view, manipulate the data directly using a text editor.
– All numbers are formatted using regional formatting rules.
– Export your data as CSV or HTML.

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