MP3 Cutter and Editor Free

MP3 Cutter and Editor

An incredible easy to use tool that allows you to perform different actions on your audio files.

Delete selected parts from file. You can play file and press Start point and End point to make a selection of a part that you want to delete or edit. Also, you can select with drag&drop function of your mouse.

Change volume with an easy drag bar or select desired value from a list. You can change volume for parts of music file or you can select entire song.

Convert to stereo or convert to mono selected parts. Apply fade in or fade or effects is also supported.

File types supported: MP3 and WAV. You can easily save them with the same extensions after you edit as you need.

Pros:– clean interface, easy to use for beginners
– select custom parts of your song
– play and listen any part from audio file that you are working on it
Cons:– it supports only MP3 and WAV files
Bottom line:Great tool for fast basic editing actions like cut, delete parts from audio file, modify volume level, change sound type to stereo or mono and more.
Additional info:During the installation this program offers you to install toolbar(s). You may choose to install them or not

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